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About Air Comfort

When Air Comfort started its heating and cooling business in Cedar Rapids in 1998, folks were just starting to buy energy efficient furnaces. A lot has changed since then. But one thing has remained constant. That’s our commitment to being an advocate for customers like you.

Air Comfort Builds Customer Trust

At Air Comfort earning your trust is our first priority. That takes a powerful combination of values, principles and communication. We believe in building relationships by giving you an honest assessment of your needs, installing quality, efficient products when you need them and servicing those units over the long term.

Unlike some HVAC contractors, we see ourselves as customer advocates. We’re not out to scare you into thinking you need a new furnace or central air unit when you don’t. We service all models of heating and cooling equipment, regardless of where you purchased the original product.

When you call Air Comfort for service, you’ll either talk directly to us or we’ll call you back within 15 minutes. Plus, we have emergency service available 24/7. No more shivering or sweltering through the night because your heating or cooling systems break down.

We believe comfort isn’t just about the temperature in your home or business. It’s about trusting someone to find the best solutions and fix the problem in your heating or cooling systems. Now that’s Air Comfort!

Who We Are

All of us at Air Comfort really enjoy our work and meeting new people.  It’s in our hearts.  We establish a trusting relationship, that helps you feel at ease regarding your purchase and future service needs.  We are committed to fairness and promptness.

Our service has your comfort at heart.

Air Comfort stands by not only our service but the products and parts we install.  You won’t hear, ‘it’s not our fault,’ rather, ‘here’s what we’re going to do.’  We work with local distributors to deliver quality products to your home or business that will stand the test of time

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