Radiant Heat Is Efficient and Comfortable

Imagine stepping out of the shower, and instead of a cold, tile floor, you’re standing on a toasty warm surface. That’s radiant heat. Besides heating the floor, the heat radiates upward to warm the entire room. And it’s not just bathrooms that can be heated this way. You can use radiant heat throughout your entire home. Radiant heat also allows you to regulate heat in zones because that’s how it’s designed. So, if you want it a little warmer in the baby nursery and cooler in your bedroom, no problem. Rooms you don’t use as often, like the guest bedroom can be set for a lower temperature until you’re ready to use them.

Radiant Heat Is A Specialty

Radiant heat is one of our specialties at Air Comfort. Typically, we place flexible, plastic tubing coils in floors or sometimes walls. Because radiant heat involves heating water inside the coils, the result keeps your rooms at more even temperatures. Radiant heating also does not dry out the air. The moisture helps to reduce static in the winter months – as opposed to conventional systems that produce a dry heat that often requires indoor humidifiers.

Boilers Provide The Heat

When homeowners start to investigate the benefits of radiant heat, one of the first things they typically ask is how you heat the water that circulates through the coils. Several pieces of equipment can be used including geothermal, boilers and hot water heaters. We work on radiant heat boilers, too.

At Air Comfort, your comfort isn’t just about temperatures. It’s about working with you to determine what type of system will provide the most comfort for you. If radiant heat sounds like it might be a good fit for you and your family, call Air Comfort in Cedar Rapids, IA at 319-896-4357.

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Staying warm with radiant heat from Air Comfort, Cedar Rapids, IA