Air Quality Equals Air Comfort

Air quality is important to everyone’s environment. But, if you or a loved one has allergies or asthma, improving indoor air quality with an air purification system can mean the difference between air comfort and misery in your own home.

At Air Comfort, we do more than provide heating and cooling systems. We believe in conditioning spaces. Installing an air purification system can be a big part of the process.

Air Quality Options

One of the first recommendations we make to our customers is to start using a media filter, 1 to 4 inches thick that works with your gas furnace to clean the air flowing through your ductwork.  These filters are a good compromise if funds are tight and more expensive options are out of your reach.

Another option we offer customers is a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). These are dedicated ventilation units that basically replace stale air with fresh air in your home. They capture 70% of the energy in the stale air which cuts the cost of conditioning the fresh air.

Of course, your best and final defense is an air purification system that actually kills airborne pollutants in your home including viruses. Considering the amount of time people spend indoors, this makes a lot of sense. Did you know it’s estimated that polluted indoor air causes more than 90% of all respiratory problems? That’s reason enough to consider some changes.

Let’s Explore Your Options

Whatever the reasons, Air Comfort can help you decide what type of air quality system will best meet your needs.

At Air Comfort, we know it’s about your comfort. An air quality system can be a big part of that comfort. Call us today to learn more about how these systems can work for you – 319-896-4357.

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