Mini Split System Provides Perfect Solution

Trying to heat or cool a sun room or addition to your home? Mini split systems are the perfect choice if you need to heat or cool a part of your home that isn’t connected to your HVAC system. It’s also helpful if you just want to heat or cool certain areas or zones in your home like a remodeled attic or basement.

Mini Split Advantages

Mini splits are quiet and energy efficient. They’re relatively easy to install and environmentally friendly, too. The Fujitsu brand of mini splits that Air Comfort installs doesn’t require us to cut into a huge chunk of your wall like some other systems. Instead, the indoor unit is connected to an outdoor heat pump that powers the heating and cooling features efficiently.

Is A Mini Split System Right For You?

Mini split systems are the perfect choice if you’re currently using an inefficient and noisy window air conditioner, wall heater or space heater. If this sounds like the perfect solution to your home, call Air Comfort today for more information. We’ll come to your home, assess your current situation and make the recommendation that’s right for you.

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Mini Split systems allow you to enjoy all rooms in your home. Air Comfort - Cedar Rapids, IA sells and services mini-splits.