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Iowans know that extreme weather conditions can make life unbearable. That’s why central air conditioning has become an important part of many homes. Upfront costs of any central air unit can be intimidating to homeowners, but in the end it’s worth it.

Central air is considered one of the most efficient ways to circulate cool air throughout your home. But, it has lots of other benefits, too. It brings down the high humidity that can make summer uncomfortable. It spreads cool air evenly throughout the rooms of your house. Central air is quieter and takes up no space inside your home.

Our experienced technicians service and repair all makes and models of central air units. We also sell Arcoaire central air units. If your current central AC unit needs repairs or servicing or you think it’s time for a new one, contact Air Comfort for the latest in climate control options.

At Air Comfort, comfort isn’t just about the degrees on the thermostat. It’s about making sure you’re comfortable in your own home. Temperatures, humidity and cost all factor into your decision. Let Air Comfort work with you to find your home’s heating and cooling solutions.

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We had a very positive experience with Air Comfort — we needed a new air conditioner, Kelly came out to give us an estimate, he was very friendly and personable. They were able to install the new air conditioner just a few days later. They installed it while I was away at work, and they kept the house so clean I wouldn’t have known they were there except when I came home the house was nice and cool! I will recommend Air Comfort to friends and family.
Kelly N., Facebook Review
Looks great, thanks so much, appreciate it. Matt and the rest of the crew were very professional and friendly, shaking my hand immediately!
You have a great business and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend as Steve Moses did.

John L. Christian

J. Christian
cozy couple warm with Air Comfort