How many of you out there have hired or have had to deal with a “home inspector” when buying or selling a home?  We’re sure that there are good home inspectors and bad home inspectors, just as in any type of business.  After seeing the fallout of many really bad, botched inspections, we feel it is important to provide our customers some tips.

What Harm Can a Home Inspector Do?

Inspector failings can range from calling out things that the inspector thinks is a problem (while lacking expertise in that area to support their claim) to totally missing code violations and actual dangerous problems.  

Inflammatory Language

When some of these “inspectors” write their reports they use language that scares the buyer and makes the seller very angry.  On top of that, the report can require the seller to spend a lot of money getting second opinions from qualified professionals who often find that the inspector was wrong.

Working With Homeowners

We have personally had to refute many claims made by inspectors and provide a written letter to calm down both parties.  Sometimes we have also witnessed very serious, yet obvious problems that the inspector missed!

Why You Should Be Wary

Did you know that Cedar Rapids doesn’t require a license to be a home inspector? In fact, the state of Iowa has no licensing requirement for home inspectors, either. As a mechanical contractors, we have to pass an exam (after a 4-year apprenticeship) and renew our license by going through continuing education classes every three years!

Tips from Air Comfort

When hiring or working with a home inspector, there are smart steps you can take.

  • Review the experience of your Home Inspector- ask for references and check them.
  • Check their reviews online- there should be many satisfied customers, not just a few.
  • Ask to view an inspection report sample – they should have one ready to show.
  • Experience matters – check the inspectors’ resume, including if they belong any home inspection associations.

Getting ready to buy or sell your house?  Contact Air Comfort to check out your heating and cooling.  We’ll walk through the property and identify any issues, as well as provide you an estimate for the work or materials required.